Anecdotes, Stories and Anecdotal Stories

Ever since I developed an interest in reading (relatively later in life), I have been exploring the world somewhat differently. The kind of work that pulled me towards it was the stories, stories of people, some funny anecdotes, an anecdote about a story and so on.

Although my father bought me comics and books that kids my age would read, neither I nor my parents could firmly say that I was really a reader. I also remember issuing Harry Potter books from the school library and let it occupy a humongous space in my school bag to cope with the fad amongst teenagers. Continue reading “Anecdotes, Stories and Anecdotal Stories”


ठाव कुणाचा?

बोलाविसी तू मला तुझ्या जवळी,
माझ्याकडे नाही तुला देण्यासाठी फुटकी कवळी.

मी जरी विसरलो तुझे अनंत उपकार,
तू येतोस वाहिला माझ्या जाळ्याचे भार.

तुझे हे अनिरुद्ध ऋण फिटता फिटत नाही,
तरीहि माझा नरजन्म सार्थक करण्याची देतोस तू ग्वाही.

कष्टात माझ्या मूळ सहभागी होऊनि,
यश मिळवून देऊन सुद्धा गुप्त राहशी तू सर्वांसमोरी.

जगा दाखविसी ते फक्त माझे नाव,
कुणाहि ना कळू देता स्वतःचे ठाव!


रांगेत उभे राहणे हे भाग्याचे लक्षण,
प्रत्येकाची रांग वेगळी, हेच त्याचे विलक्षण.

ह्या रांगेत रांगणाऱ्या प्रत्येक मानवाला
रणांगणावरच्या युद्धाचा रंग पटवून देणारा.

प्रारब्धाशी लढवून त्याच्या वर मात करणाऱ्या
इच्छुक वारीकरांना वारकरी बनविणारा,

अनंतापसून अनंतापर्यंत पोहोचणारा,
मृत्युलोकात ही भर्गलोक अनुभवण्याची सोय करणाराा.

अनिरुद्ध वेगाने प्रकाशाच्या माध्यमातून चैतन्य पसरविणारा,
तो अनिरुद्ध- एकमेव, अद्वितीय!

ही रांग आपल्या कुणाची ही नसून,
फक्त त्याची व त्याच्यासाठीच.

वाटेच्या प्रत्येक थांबवर त्याचा एक इशारा
आपला प्रवास सार्थक बनवते.

त्याला भेटण्याचा आनंद त्या रांगेच्या टप्प्यावर
ओसंडून वाहू लागतो.

ही रांग आहे ती संपूर्णपणे जगावेगळी,
ह्या रांगेचे शेवट, कुणाचं ठाऊक नाही इतुके आगळे.

आणि म्हणूनच..

रांगेत उभे राहणे हे भाग्याचे लक्षण,
प्रत्येकाची रांग वेगळी, हेच त्याचे विलक्षण.

वाळूतील हात

वाळू आणि समुद्राच्या लाटांचे नाते ते असे,
वाळू हि किती भिझते, आणि किती तशीच राहते?

भीजलेले कण न विरघळता,
मूर्तिकाराच्या मूर्तीचा आकार घेतात.
इतर भिजण्याची अशीच उत्सुकतेने प्रतीक्षा करतात

तसेच जे आहे ते-

तुझ्या कृपेचे हाथ तेवढ्याच प्रांजळतेने
व अनिरुद्ध वेगाने,माझ्या जीवनाच्या प्रत्येक वळणावर
कलाटणी देऊन माझ्या आयुष्याच्या मूर्तीला आकार देत आहेत.

माझ्या श्रद्धेचे बिखरलेले वाळूचे कण
ह्या प्रेमसागराशी जुळून, तुझ्या सौम्य
हातांनी आकार घेत आहेत.

ह्या पाषाणाची मूर्तीत रूपांतर करण्याचे
कार्य आता फक्त तुझे आणि तुझेच


#Bookmark: The Third World War

Book: The Third World War
Author: Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi
Publishing Year: 2006
About: An extensive and a comparative study of the world’s history in relation to today’s scenario, which may lead to what the title says.

TWW Book

The Third World War is a concept, which is contemplated around the world on several levels. Most of the political experts, military analysts and conspiracy theorists have expressed their opinions on the international political events and their consequences. However, a layman will never be able to guess the intensity and impact of those consequences in the near future. This book, written by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi (M.D Medicine) in the year 2006, tells us about the possible occurrences of certain events across the globe, which will result in this catastrophe called the Third World War.

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Hindustani Classical: Between Two Renditions

I was raised in a traditional Maharashtrian household, so I grew up listening to Bhav Geet, Bhakti Geet and Abhang before I immersed myself thoroughly in the trending pop-culture. In the last month, I revisited that memory and browsed through those songs on YouTube.

Mainly, Kumar Gandharva and Pt. Bhimsen Joshi amongst many others, because of an article I read that mentioned their musical eminence. The song that got stuck in my head for the longest time was ‘Majhe Maher Pandhari‘, an Abhang, written by Sant Eknath- an Indian saint from Paithan (1533-1599), a popular rendition of which has been performed by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi.

Although, very recently, a friend of mine introduced Kishori Amonkar’s music to me. I may not have religiously heard her music, but her songs evoked the nostalgic memories. However, one of her songs in the collection was yet another rendition of Sant Eknath‘s ‘Majhe Maher Pandhari‘.  As the Bhimsen Joshi version had already been stuck in my head, I initially chose not to listen to Kishori Amonkar’s version.

However, her version of that Abhang disclosed another sentimental dimension. I would not have realised it until another friend of mine brought it to my notice.  Both the singers were class-apart in their talent and so were their songs. The elucidation below is not a comparison, but personal opinion on those renditions-


Bhim Kishori
Pt. Bhimsen Joshi | Kishori Amonkar

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The Spark Of WW3

The world has been witnessing violence on different levels, which has been only scaling up since the past two decades. This hasn’t caused the world to move further away but a step closer to the World War-III with every bomb drop and a gun-shot. If the pattern of movements happening in the worldwide leadership is observed closely, it only rings a bell of another war that is awaiting us.

We could possibly be missing out on the updates about these movements amidst the everyday news. Hence, the website, has been posting news relevant to this catapulting worldwide phenomenon and is open to your suggestions and queries.

Participate, express yourself and be the reason for a positive change!

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