Musn’t we change for ourselves?

Our country had been known worldwide only for its rich and varied heritage (as our pledge says) But lately, things haven’t been this cheerful as we all know. Our image is getting tarnished by someone or the other over every petty issue.

I do not say that raising your voice against crime and harassment is wrong. I have done that too! But isn’t this the time when we hold each other’s hands and walk together? For, it’s not just a local riot scene anymore and we are being watched all over the world. Hence, it’s our responsibility to take care of the people around us.

The questions which I want to ask are…

Why can’t we handle a loser on one to one basis?

Why has it become so essential to complain on social media and news channel?

Have people in our country become this vulnerable and attention needy?

I do not say that doing all this is nonsense. But my question is…


All that I see these days is people complaining over anything and everything.

If we cannot learn to handle a situation without media’s attention then how will we ever be able to help anyone else?

Our newer generation move out and create something bigger outside the country, while we debate over a loser trying to flaunt his/her stupidity.

Can’t we promote a bit more sensible topic that would help the younger generation to intellectually blossom and not hinder their creativity and limit their thoughts to the ‘Bullshit male-female difference’?

Why don’t we promote the Ideas, concepts and Strategies created by the intellectually renowned Freedom Fighters and Writers instead of this one sided unrealistic ‘Media hyped’ men-women nonsense?

Don’t we want others to look upto us? Then what all steps must we take to do so?

It’s time to think ourselves and not let ‘someone else’ decide what we must think!



Moulding it!

Ah! Finally, I have a platform to promote my newfound talent and hobby for writing.

Right since childhood I have been extremely fond of Music and always have considered a source to release my emotions. But recently, I did experiment something new (for me) and it turned out to be absolutely fine.

Never have I tried or rather dared to write anything. Forget an article but even framing a sentence for communicating at a moderately higher level on my own was a bigger task for me.

‘Why’ you ask?!

Maybe I wasn’t confident, Maybe I wasn’t prepared, Maybe I wasn’t sure how it would turn out!

Well, it’s been a few days now that I drafted my first article and it didn’t turn out to be an utter disappointment.

The art of writing has literally opened all the doors and made my world a bigger place than the universe. It feels good to pen down the thoughts and a great way to free your mind from frustration and helps me channel my emotions.

I have started this blog with an intent of Expressing my thoughts regarding the topics and the questions I have spent all my life searching the answers for.

But now most of you must me wondering that ‘Who I Am?’.

So, I am a youngster who still is trying to figure and Mould his life to achieve greater heights each day!

This‘ definitely is one of the initial few steps I have taken to do so. :).