Moulding it!

Ah! Finally, I have a platform to promote my newfound talent and hobby for writing.

Right since childhood I have been extremely fond of Music and always have considered a source to release my emotions. But recently, I did experiment something new (for me) and it turned out to be absolutely fine.

Never have I tried or rather dared to write anything. Forget an article but even framing a sentence for communicating at a moderately higher level on my own was a bigger task for me.

‘Why’ you ask?!

Maybe I wasn’t confident, Maybe I wasn’t prepared, Maybe I wasn’t sure how it would turn out!

Well, it’s been a few days now that I drafted my first article and it didn’t turn out to be an utter disappointment.

The art of writing has literally opened all the doors and made my world a bigger place than the universe. It feels good to pen down the thoughts and a great way to free your mind from frustration and helps me channel my emotions.

I have started this blog with an intent of Expressing my thoughts regarding the topics and the questions I have spent all my life searching the answers for.

But now most of you must me wondering that ‘Who I Am?’.

So, I am a youngster who still is trying to figure and Mould his life to achieve greater heights each day!

This‘ definitely is one of the initial few steps I have taken to do so. :).


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