Worry Not!

I do not understand what I see.
What makes people happy?
Watch others suffer in pain and misery?

I do not understand the definition of desire.
The last thing I learned was,
It sets innocent lives on fire.

I do not understand why people fight.
If it’s in the name of God,
That’s what makes you the might?

I do not understand the need for power.
Fueled by lust and greed,
Is that how you hover?

Committed a sin I have,
By falling prey to these Demons.
A friend once tapped my shoulder
And said…

Worry Not! I’m here to pull you out from these darkest horrors.”


WHAT IF…?! [Fact-Theory-Fact]

All the smart people and ones with great intellect may find this article offensive or highly preposterous but that’s not something I worry about this time. Even I found these things absurd and odd at first but when I began to think, think and think I could correlate them to a certain things around.

So what are these ‘Things’?

A lot people have been researching and trying to find the origin of our own existence. Many of them haven’t yet found a believable source. Some of the scientists and highly qualified people also talk about spirituality and divine force up above.

Yeah, I know. “WHO CARES?!” is what most of us think when it comes to this.


I’m just saying what if we are not being told the things we actually must know?

For eg. What if we are forced into believing things that are of no good to us but
for the ones who want to use this race for destruction of property and humanity?

What if we are being lied every moment, every day?

What if we are being caged on a global level?

What if we do have a solution to escape the misery but the ones on top of the pyramid are not disclosing it to us?

What if there is an extraterrestrial race out there who is trying to cage and control us day by day?

I do sound like an idiot but to think of it…it does make sense. If these things were not true then why would some of the extremely educated and qualified people waste their precious time in searching for these things?

Why do they always depict aliens smarter than humans in every film? I mean why can’t we be the superior ones?

If people say that God does not exist then why would ANYBODY on this planet put so much money and effort in building Temples or Churches?

No, not because they are morons. Not everybody is a bloody moron. People are NOT fools to unnecessarily invest their time and money in bullshitting about God, Satan, Spaceship, Aliens.

If the human race has evolved from monkeys then why aren’t those species extinct yet? And why the human race hasn’t further evolved into something else even after million years now?

If we could sit in one room and influence a few people with our speech, average intelligence and zero tools or equipment then there obviously have to be and I am sure that there ARE people who use advance tools and gadgets to influence our minds to benefit their agenda and selfish motives to take over the planet.
There are videos on the internet related to this. There are films and documentaries regarding the same.

AGAIN, people are NOT idiots to waste their time on something that somebody thinks does not exist.

There Is A Cause Behind Every Action!


So I have made my point and I’ll leave this here. I’m not keeping this topic open for a debate. I leave that upto you to figure whatsoever out and reach a conclusion.

The New Show!

Recently, there has been a crazy hype about this TV show and it just completed its first season on 3rd  September. Mr. Robot is currently the most popular show around these days.

Though the plot revolves around one character, the subject chosen is very critical and unique.

Most of us may have certainly come across the news, fact, theory (depends on how you see it) that the world is under the influence of Minority called as the Elite or the 1% Population. Majority of people have no clue what is it all about and the ones who find out mock it off as a joke! Well, even I’m not particularly sure of what or how powerful it is but lately I have been going through some of the videos and material available on the internet and all I can say is something is going to happen and it won’t be good.

Anyway, let’s get back to the point. So this show is about a group of Pro Hackers called The F Society trying to fight the Elite (The 1%) and to change the world. This may look pretty normal but what really intrigues me is how lucidly they have tried to convey the message. Be it through a fictional character. They have ‘almost’ mentioned what the elite’s work is all about or how they manipulate other people. It takes a lot of courage to Air such a show on television. Kudos to that!

Another interesting aspect of this show is the display of the misuse of modern technology! How many of us were really aware that we could stalk (or Spy) a person through their webcam while their computer/webcam is shut? Even if some of us did know about it, it hadn’t been disclosed like this before. This Show seems more like an Eye Opener.

Yes, obviously not everything they show on the TV is true but what if we are able to relate it to the real life incidents?

I have always wondered that if the people who write comics/ movie scripts and create characters and show the unimaginable technology in it then wouldn’t it be possible that some of the very futuristic inventions do exist in the real world and are buried as classified information?

As a Conspiracy Theory nut, this show is giving out a strong message I feel and in all the 10 episodes it has avoided the unnecessary drama. I certainly am looking forward to its 2nd season!

Oh and by the way, I got this done on their website. Fanboy thing! Haha


Ghibli- A Journey, An Experience!

As kids, we all have had our favourite cartoon characters that we admired and got the inspiration from to become and create something. Most of us still watch and follow the old school shows or also try some newer stuff.

But apart from the western animated shows, the most impactful stuff has been coming from Japan!!

Now most of us certainly watch the Action-based Anime and the ones with superpowers.

But apart from those the ones that intrigue me are the Anime Films. Yes, the Studio Ghibli ones!

Trust me! I owe my life to these creators for bringing us the finest stories and the ‘Bestest’ of the characters. Disney created one Lion King and then the quality bar dropped down. Though It would be a sin to compare that masterpiece with any other film, what I really mean is the Japanese filmmakers have maintained the Evergreen-ness.


Every Studio Ghibli film has brought us something new. A unique combination of their own culture and a wide imaginative world makes it even more amazing and takes you on a ride to another dimension.

The Hayao Miyazaki films are a different genre altogether. I mean Miyazaki’s work (in my opinion) stands apart in every aspect. I could actually divide his films from the other Ghibli films! Not that others suck but I have a personal attachment to his films and the characters he has created and I am sure we all are on the same page regarding this!

With Characters like Totoro, Porco Rosso, Haku, Howl, Ashitaka, Kiki and Chihiro he has offered his fans something new every time. The background score by his film companion and music director Joe Hisaishi is an icing on top. The movies and its characters would have been nothing if that background score didn’t exist! I am very sure most of you fans would agree with what I said.


The best part about these films is their target audience is literally universal. Even an older teenager like me or an adult can enjoy watching these films without any hesitation. They have maintained the same standards as before!!

Yes, I am done blabbering here but before I end this, here is the list of films that are MY personal favourites (not in any particular order)  which also include films by other Directors:-

  1. My Neighbour Totoro
  2. Princess Mononoke
  3. Kiki’s Delivery Service
  4. Spirited Away
  5. Howl’s Moving Castle
  6. The Whisper of Heart
  7. Cat Returns
  8. Secret World of Arrietty
  9. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
  10. Grave of the Fireflies
  11. From Up on Poppy Hill
  12. The Wind Rises
  13. Porco Rosso

    All of you! If you’re an Anime fan I certainly recommend this to you. In case you aren’t, the list above is extremely good, to begin with!!studio_ghibli_characters_by_ficklestix-d846q1x
    YES YES! Run towards your computer, Download and WATCH THEM ASAP!!!!