Stupid Is The New Smart!

“Please enlighten me on this!”
“Where’s the logic in this?”
“What proof do you have this exists?”
The argument goes on
and on and on and on!

We never reach to a conclusion
Of a debate once begun
Opinions are more important
Than the causes and concerns

Every other fool gets a chance
To blabber crap through the box
We like to swear and shout
and keep an eye on
our leader’s whereabouts.

The clown in the box sparks fire
Says, “Nation needs an answer!”
“People! He is a Liar!!”
Opinions of similar other clowns now matter
Who speak about logic that sounds ridiculous!

Brains behind the plan is of ‘big brother’
Action carried through another
A pointless talk on a horrible crime
The exaggerated news of it is broadcasted
more than the deserving span of time.

Criticism is now a trend
No one knows where to put an end
Causing confusion and vex
Mocking believers and their Divine Faith

“These rights, Those rights
This reservation, That empowerment
This ban, That ban.”
An argument that’s hopeless and bland

Slaves we have become to this system
leading to our own intellectual destruction
‘Stupid is the new smart!’
Is tagline the for every human
As mankind is a product and globe is the mart!


Same Land, Same Soil

The Emperor –
“YOU! You have broken the rules and disobeyed my command.
Likes of you should be lynched publicly and torn apart!
Leash you by the neck I will and drag you down the street.
Pull your guts out and let the filthy rats and swines feast.
Behold shall the whole town while I make you suffer!
Kneel before me and beg for mercy or you shall pay the price!
The last call this is indeed so bow down
or the vultures shall be fed upon your carcass!”

The Victim –
“Pardon me, Thy highness for voicing to thyself.
No! I will not bow so low to please thy pride and self.
For my God knows I am an honest man
and have committed no offence.
Be not proud of your Power and your Wealth.
Falling down is your Empire and deteriorating is your Health.
Victimised I have been and have done no wrong!
Kill me if you must but mark my words in this turmoil
Nothing of this does one take along with self once dead.
Eventually we all are the same and end up in a deathbed.
Your grave will soon be dug around mine, on the same Land.
The expensive coffin shall too be buried, in the same Soil!”

The Journey

I want to go, far away
Leave this nest, for the best interest.
I do not know how stop…
These countless thoughts, in my head.

The world is huge, my time is short.
More to learn and a lot to know.
I just can’t let this moment go!

Now is my time to make things right.
Journey this is to a brighter side.
Explore the world never known
The universe shall now be my home.

Walk into the unknown territories
Those filled with adventures and mysteries
I’m on my Journey to a brighter side
The darker past has been left behind!