Festival of Joy,
Festival of Light
Aesthetic Culture
City shines Bright.

Walking down the street
I watch those kids play
Bursting crackers aloud
They laugh across the haze

It’s not just the homes
Or not only the streets
It’s the light that penetrates
through and brings Joy
to the innocent people
living a Dark Life.




Choosing the side
That one can abide
Losing their minds
What are these signs?

They want to win
Hence they commit the sin
Victory they call it
To throw others in a pit

Beaten nobody wants to be
But the bigger picture is
What they fail to see
The instant win fades instantly

“Who needs Ethics
When you have got Tricks?” They Say
Which might save their day
But what they fail to understand is
the Fall is still a few steps away

It draws near and
Becomes crystal clear
When you see no ray of hope
That will shoo away the fear.

Hard to sustain, cannot refrain
Used up are all the tricks
Nothing else is left in the brain

Resources are all drained
Time has now hit back
Soul trapped inside this body
Unable to escape the pain

Unbeatable once, Beaten up forever
The ones Born To Win
Are now Struggling hard like Never!