Next is What?

Gone are the days,
Countdown has begun.
Is this the end
or just beginning?

The clock ticked
and months passed by.
Another year ends,
In the Blink of an Eye.

Have I found the path yet?
Maybe I’m searching still.
Is this the year,
When I’ll complete the drill?

What is to come?
What would the next be?
Nothing that I know of
What am I to see?

The numbers have changed
But it still feels the same
Wasn’t I just a kid until yesterday?

Maybe I still am, I do not know.
The Relentless Being will
Guide me to the Shore!


Mighty (S)words

Words are weapons
Words are shields
The words express
All that you feel

They lift your ego up high
Smash your sentiments down quick
They make your day
Or put you in a daze

Words change your mind
Words change your way
Words give you the power
That no one else can take

They save you from the doom
They make the crowd move
They light up your faces
Also, earn you respect
of Apprentices

‘Pen is mightier than the Sword’ They say
Honestly, if it weren’t the words
Pen would’ve been nothing
nor would’ve been the (S)word