Very Unintellectual!

In the 21st Century, when machines had taken over everything, technology had become a lifestyle and every human obtained information from nano gadgets just with one click. It led to the rebirth of this planet, as they say. But there was something that was still the same….

Man hadn’t stopped wandering. Aeons ago, he used to wander in search of food, shelter and you know what the drill is, Don’t you? Hah! I thought so. Here, the wandering was within the four walls of the room that consisted a desk, a pen, paper and a Laptop and other usual gadgets.

So unusual huh?

This was in an attempt of presenting the ideas in an artistic manner.

Oh wait, wait…hold on a sec. I know the whole narration so far has been in past tense. Perhaps this is a message from the future or a perspective or maybe you as readers must also know the art of hallucinating sober in order to understand this. ‘Artistic representation of ideas’ as it has been mentioned.

So back to the point…
The wanderers were in search of innovative ideas in order to create something worthy. It could be a product, a thought, a painting. The objective was to create and build something that would make a difference but some of the thinkers wandered inside their head or on the internet for obtaining productive material and lost track of it.

Just like the author of this text who sat in his room for hours, made an attempt to write a story and couldn’t finish it but now the readers gradually know that he couldn’t!

Well, that definitely makes it a story, Doesn’t it?!