Maddening Hospital

The putrid smell,
the pungent taste,
howls of the sick and troubled
drove me mad and made me
want to runaway.

The only place capable of
driving a rational human insane
after a prison cell
is a hospital.


Admit Defeat

As the picture
Of world’s end becomes clearer
I sit in my room and
Look outside the window
and wonder
“Can the horizon be caught?”

Know nothing I do
Of what’s to hit hard
Is it a demon
Or just a filthy wild human?

A lie becomes a fact
And a fact becomes a lie
“What sorcery is this?”
“Are we even going to survive?”

Fabrication is so common
You find it everywhere
“It’s what leads to victory”
Oh, you really think so?
That is such a pity

I gazed through the glass window
What I saw was no less
than a slaughterhouse
In an abandoned meadow

Pass through that I must
Inevitable this seems
I don’t even want to face it
But is there another way
From where I can proceed?

I hope fools realize
That they won’t win
Father stands here
He is the one who owns it

No mind misguide
Shall make you succeed
Demons too will bow down
And admit defeat