It’s what motivates
the unsatisfied soul of this human.

It’s more than just greed
a fetish- that would even
make his demented soul look clean.

The need to have power
the need to be at top
the need to feel important
the need to move masses.

The need to be able
to change the law
is what tickles this human.

To be able destruct
while promising to construct
to speak with mouth
as loud and wide.

While thinking-
“Come one fellas,
it’s about time I
take you on a ride!”



Hiding in the sewer
Known by the fewer.

They gather under ground in clusters
To serve their own masters.

Masters, who feed intellectual garbage
And breed on destruction of the sacred heritage.

Spreading the virus of hate
By lurking around setting up mindful bait.

To cause extreme chaos and bane
And let the blood flow in vain.

While the defenders lay on ground
With their eyes open for countless nights.

Dwellers of scum glorify themselves
By mindlessly killing them in all might.

Limitless goons causing mindless doom
Must soon be wiped.

Show them no mercy for none of
These pests shall ever survive.

DSOM: Aftermath Thoughts

This particular album is nothing less than a spiritual experience in itself. Every time I listen to it, I explore something new either in it or myself. A 44 minute long piece that comprises the usual seeming yet, most important stages and vices of human nature. Every sound, pause, and section of each and every track on this album is perfectly positioned to connect in context and revolve around the concept tactically. I have never felt so complete and fulfilled in life before. (more…)

‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ And Its Pleasant Melancholy- Part I

It’s been several weeks since I’ve gotten submerged and been devotedly listening to Pink Floyd’s record from year 1973- The Dark Side of the Moon. Well, this certainly wasn’t the first time that I heard the album, it’s more like a re-exploring phase.

Pink Floyd’s way of writing and conceptualization has always been out of the world, and with an album like The Dark Side of the Moon, they not only changed the perspective of musicians, but also made a massive impact on lives of people outside the music industry. (more…)