KUBO And The Two Strings (2016)

“If you must blink, do it now!” – Kubo

A tale full of dreams, ambition, and adventures is what this film is.  Laika‘s fourth animated feature film- Kubo and the Two Strings starring Art Parkinson as Kubo, Charlize Theron as Monkey, and Matthew McConaughey as Beetle is one of the best 3D animated feature films I’ve seen until this day. (more…)


The Escapist

Real world is such a pain.

Hardly any good times, not much to gain

We wake up, work and work for decades

Only to rest while we are on our death-beds.

Argh! What a boring life, absolutely no fun around.

It’s such a pity that most people just go round and round.

“But then, what the could the solution be?

What makes you think your life is healthy?”

I’m an escapist, I live in no real world.

I live in a place where the mountains are tall, and the grass green.

The forest has its spirit, and trees enshrine.

The river is sacred, and ponds full of merry.

The birds chirp out loud, and the light shines bright.

I’m an escapist, I live in no real world.

It’s just my flesh here, while my soul remains on the happier earth.

Timeless Existence

We get old year after year,
not realizing what precious
we already have near.

Complaining about usual crisis,
and falling a victim
to the inhuman vices

Wanting to live a purposeful life,
but forgetting the basic
necessity to thrive-

To accomplish as much we can
in this limited span,
to try and etch our own plan.

For the times that are yet to arrive,
for the people that are
yet to come to life.