Why God, Why? (But I Was Wrong)

They were always in my mind.
The questions, the questions I seeked answers to!

The questions about life, creation,
the purpose of human existence.

All this pain for WHAT?!

If there is a god above us,
then why do the innocent suffer?

I have been praying to god all my life and yet, I cry!
I am the victim, I’m being wronged
before everyone,  every time!

Has god forgotten me?

Is he as heartless as the wicked people around me,
who are hysterically laughing at my misery?

“I would be better off without his imaginary
existence in my life” I felt after a while.

But I was wrong!

As I grew up, I learnt God was there with me.
It were his ways of making me stronger in life.

It were the miracles that he granted me
in the form of co-incidences

I also realised that I, a human am very
naive to comprehend his omniscience.

I crossed those hurdles without
baring any scars in my mind.

All I had to do was open the doors of my heart
so I could accept his blessings.

So, no matter how many superior minds
question his existence.

The only ones to truly experience God’s miracles,
are the ones who faithfully believe in him.

He was there, he is, and will always be!



The water rose
and the sand sunk.

Our feet couldn’t stay fixed
in one place.

We were moving
but so was time.

The skies had lost their glow
and we began to find ours.

The herd was light-years ahead of us
while we still felt stuck in one place.

We walked for eons
and the route felt endless.

The shore sang to us
as we struggled to find our way out.

Our bodies were exhausted
but not our spirits, not yet!

The universe seemed closer
as we lay in the sand.

We gazed at the stars
and they flickered back to us.

We felt enormously connected
to something larger than life.

Larger than the collective existence of humans.

Since then I still wonder-
“Are we part of the universe,
or is the universe a part of us?”