What are we really looking for?
The answers are right besides us.

We’re all oblivious to the obvious,
chasing our way towards the horizon.

We feel afraid to communicate,
and don’t really come out of this mind space.

We hope to find purpose,
in the meaninglessness of life.

Our minds are filled with things,
we wish to know, but don’t really need to.

While we want someone to fill the void
in our lives, we forget we’re the void ourselves.

There are infinite possibilities to come out this maze,
yet, choosing one from the infinity is still a struggle.

Our thoughts cannot be controlled,
nor do we know to hide our emotions.

We sway to the beat of the unknown,
and beat ourselves up for not coping up.

Do we really want this lifestyle?
Do we really know what we want?

What is it that drives us to our goals?
Are we all just misfits trying to fit ourselves in?

Or just wandering aimlessly
hoping to find purpose in
the meaninglessness of life?


Trapped (2017) #Review

This film is really the long awaited masterpiece that Bollywood deserved. To be very honest, I was pretty skeptical about the loopholes in the plot after watching its trailer. But, this film (with no interval) directed by Vikramaditya Motwane is just overly phenomenal!