The Building Trek: Experiencing Arcade Games

I’m not really a sports person, nor am I into any sort of physical fitness training by choice. But you never know when your dislikes may stand like a huge mountain before you as compulsion. Well, in this case, it was a building.

I awoke one morning hoping my day would be just like the usual ones- unadventurous, a little productive and slightly goofy. Little did I know about the massive twist that was awaiting me at my office building. I got ready and all set to go, I caught an auto-rickshaw and after commuting for more than half the way, I read my messages and find out that the elevator at my workplace building isn’t working– none out of those four (what a pain!). My office was on the 13th floor of that old-school sort of infrastructure. I couldn’t even turn around to go back because it hardly made any sense to me after almost reaching there.

As soon as I reached, I prepared myself to climb all the way up. I began climbing the flight of stairs and three floors later, I felt like resting for a while- the luxurious city life makes you too lazy and lethargic, you know? But then I remembered that quote from Sylvester Stallon’s Rocky:

“Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up!”

I now had found my motivation! As I climbed further, I started to gasp. My body wasn’t able to move forward any further. I had somehow managed to reach the 7th floor now and started visualizing weird arcade video game sort of graphics. I felt like I was in Super Mario and had cross those levels of madness jumping and hopping, fighting the animated monsters all the way up to get my princess. But, *ahem* well, *ahem* this time it was just my office. I literally found myself in the adventure world of Scott Pilgrim. My Mario fantasy ended and I started imagining myself playing real life Doodle Jump, hopping onto the flight of stairs to reach my final destination.

By this time, my mind and body were no longer co-ordinating with each other. I had no clue why and how was I able to climb, after all it was just a job! I reached the 10th floor all sweaty, exhausted, almost immobile and prepared to have myself knocked-out this time. I also realized that I’m going to be horribly late at work and all this effort was going to be futile eventually. But then I recollected, that my friend from office had promised me that she’d get me Chicken Biryani. I had completely forgotten about it, for I was busy cussing my fate over the whole situation since morning. Now I had figured my purpose and found my motivation back, I also realized that the love of my life- biryani was just three floors away. The best things in life always come at a price, so I willingly thrusted myself ahead, even though I felt as if my limbs were going to detach and fall apart like the bricks from Tetris.

Image Source

 I somehow managed and reached the gates of my office and erected my handkerchief like a flag as a symbol of victory. As I entered the door of my workplace, my eyes immediately spotted the clock hung on the wall, it just turned from 10:59 am to 11:00 am in that moment. I sighed out of relief and then I saw the glorious box Biryani kept on my desk shining as bright as the sun, just like those treasure boxes you see in those old animated films, you know? I didn’t even wait until the lunch time, I just opened it and began to hog like nobody’s business. Each bite of it reminded about the pains I had taken to get to it. It was the very reward I deserved! I had never felt this fulfilled in my life. I now had the sense of having achieved a purpose in my life!


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