#FakeMax: Recovered Ex-Patient Visits Psychiatrist To Give Him Therapy Sessions

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to the real world is purely co-incidental.

Gaaiyatri Prudhaan (38) went back to her psychiatrist, Dr. Shawshank Aptey (59) to give him therapy sessions. Dr. Aptey, who had treated Gaaiyatri 5 years ago to pull her out of anxiety, was found going through a severe existential crisis himself.

On investigating, our sources found out that Aptey had not come to his clinic in Goregaon  for about a month. On investigating further, we learned that he used locked himself in his bedroom and refuse to meet anyone. He had a Dvd of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, which he used to watch every alternate day to overcome his illusion of loneliness, and read Hemingway’s novels to find inspiration in life.

A still from Psycho (1960): Image source

Mrs. Aptey, his wife said that she used to slide the thaali for lunch into his room, from under the door. She also said,

“He was facing multiple issues because his patients used to recover instantly and find a new purpose in their life, leaving the doctor out of business. They used to promise him new patients, but as soon as they got their life sorted, they used that technique to recover others.”

Mrs. Aptey then summoned Gaaiyatri, who had Dr. Aptey’s very old and a regular patient once. Gaaiyatri had been travelling to places where she seeked solace for all these years. While her Instagram bio said ‘Wanderlust’, she used to upload photoshopped images of her with places such as Venice and Mauritius as backgrounds. Mrs. Aptey asked her for solution to the doctor’s problem to Gaaiyatri.

Gaaiyatri has now been giving photoshop therapy sessions to Dr. Aptey. He now has a social media page in the name of his clinic, where he posts edited images of world famous celebrities as his patients and a special ‘fake tourist discount’ to those who believe in wanderlust.

We hope that such a therapy allows him to grow and tear the sky with his success and also, “Dr. Aptey ke acche din barkaraar rahein!”


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