The Alternate Life

If you choose your own path,
what would really happen?

The confused mind and the hesitant heart,
these two fight a constant battle within self.

You want to grab the opportunity,
but don’t want to face the consequences.

The choices you make for yourself,
matter the most than what others choose for you.

You’d never firmly settle to one goal,
thinking about ‘what if I don’t make it big?’

While the doors await open,
for you to step in and beyond.

Beyond the cage of mind, beyond the social norms,
wanting you to push yourself past your limits.

But amidst the societal pressure and chaos,
you still couldn’t decide what you really wanted.

The people and their views stopped you,
while the time was still running.

You tried, you failed,
you fell and got up again.

Every mistake of yours,
has taught you something new.

Now that you know you can conquer,
whatever you’ve been wanting to.

Would you surpass those inner boundaries,
and accomplish all that you want to?

Or then later think, ‘had I made my choices correctly,
I certainly would’ve lived a better life!


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