Ijaazat (1987) #Review

Films teach you a lot about yourself. They mirror you and parts of your life through someone else’s prospect. But, there are very few films that leave an enduring impact. Gulzar’s 1987 film, Ijaazat, a Hindi film starring Naseeruddin Shah, Rekha, and Anuradha Patel is by far the most sensitive film I’ve ever watched. The film is based on a Bengali story, Jatugriha by Subodh Ghosh. It belongs to the art-house genre, also considered an Alternate Cinema Space in India.


Digital Slave

Sitting with a bent spine,
Before a screen so bright.

The eyes refuse to see,
But the mind still can’t sleep.

Fingers tap on the glass,
The cells go almost dead.

Sniggering to the posts,
Which are known to be ‘Dank Memes’.

The Bazooka Lady

Vigilance of this vigilante is
What the city needs!

This woman’s here to wipe-out
All the corruption and greed.

An exclusive example of an
Empowered woman is what she is!

Upright she holds the bazooka and shouts:
“AYE! Ho rey melya, baazula!!

The leaders of the corrupt empire,
Shiver with fear on hearing her name.

She is the one to fight them all
And get their fake reputation defamed.

The cops too, feel protected due to her helping hand,
For she would stand firm to fight back for her motherland!

Angry Maushi version

Confession: A List Of Things I Fear The Most!

As the time passes by, you realise there’s a lot that you’re yet to do! I always have a fear of not being able to accomplish all that I want to in due time. My relation with timelines is as dead as the grandfather’s clock. But, I fight a constant battle with self to overcome my paranoia about life and acceptance. So, I thought I’ll open up to you guys and share my darkest insecurities.