Confession: A List Of Things I Fear The Most!

As the time passes by, you realise there’s a lot that you’re yet to do! I always have a fear of not being able to accomplish all that I want to in due time. My relation with timelines is as dead as the grandfather’s clock. But, I fight a constant battle with self to overcome my paranoia about life and acceptance. So, I thought I’ll open up to you guys and share my darkest insecurities.

King crimson
Credit: Reddit.
  • What if I wake up in my dream and find I’m still asleep in reality?
  • What if I have to pay auto rickshaw walas only to say yes before they take me on a ride?
  • What if the friend I tagged in a meme doesn’t acknowledge my efforts? [Meme l0ve is Br0 luv b0i]
  • What if people bait me by not clicking on the click-bait link I set?
  • What if Steven Wilson starts making happy musi- OH WAIT!
  • What if fidget spinner poetry actually becomes a genuine trend?
  • What if people randomly start posing as introve-Oh yeah this too!
  • What if the air conditioner doesn’t just cool the room, but makes the air opinionated?
  • Would humans add rationalism to air’s argument?
  • What if our eyeballs suffered from crude racism?
  • What if this post disappears in no time? *ppoofff*There is only one way to find out…

    *Nervousness intensifies*

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