Time and Deliverance

The burden of responsibilities,
Made it difficult for him to live.

To be able to face the world,
Was no longer a matter of grace.

No, he wasn’t a criminal,
But just another human trapped.

In the vicious cycle of thoughts,
He had created all this while.

His accomplishments no longer
Held any importance, even to him!

The only dearest things that remained,
Were the memories from the past.

Memories of those moments
That couldn’t be changed, nor could be undone.

Some of them were nice and some,
He wished he never recalled them.

All of his life passed by before his eyes,
But there was still a void that remained.

The only thing that told him the truth,
Was the mirror he stood before.

Rest who he lived with,
Lied to make him feel better.

At an old age, he felt nice when a pretty crisp woman
Complimented him on his looks and spirit.

But he believed the mirror more,
Because it knew his history!

Asking God for forgiveness wasn’t an option,
Because it was too late to get things fixed.

Once a mocker of  someone else’s divine faith,
Realised that he needed something more than medicines.

Death was indifferent to
Any emotions and so was time.

In his last moments, he then realised that,
Time was the only friend and an enemy.

The reminder of the inevitable,
That was yet to come- Death!

His soul was trapped inside
His helpless body.

Both of them had been a burden
To one another at different times.

The soul died long ago,
While the young body carried it.

Now that the body had become helpless,
The soul cried in hope, wanting to escape!

The intense battle between the body and soul,
Had left the man weak!

The battle between the two was
The only occasion where time waited patiently.

The body released all of its heat,
Only to become cold once and forever!

The soul escaped and felt as free as the caged bird,
Who hadn’t flown for the longest time!


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