The Identity

He grew young, tall and handsome,
But the beard on face looked as if
He’ll demand a ransom.

He had soft spot for all the cutesy things,
Although most of his peers chose to
Ride fancy motorbikes and wear bling!

The beard on his face was just another jewel,
But as he walked past many thought,
This guy must be gruesome and cruel.

Perhaps he liked his beard or maybe he couldn’t shave,
But, he couldn’t understand why was he being judged
And thought, “Why wouldn’t they just give me a break?”

Another side of the story wasn’t either a glory,
For some thought him to be the Manliest Man,
But he considered that ideology to be sham.

The visuals in the box showed similar concepts
And tips about how to be a real man,
Women dig the beard and fall as instantly as they can.

But he remained indifferent to the weird culture of his society,
For he knew that having beard was part of human biology
And it had nothing to do with any traditional ideology.

He was just another human after all like everyone else.
What would make him a man was his humanity,
While everything else could be lost in the identity!