Correlation: Fiction And Reality

I have always been fascinated towards art. Mainly music, films and storytelling. Lately, for some odd reason, also biographies of those who’re actually striving to make a difference in the world and being able to accomplish little of what they’ve set out to do. But one common thing I’ve noticed amongst each of them is, they love breaking away from the reality.  (more…)


English Vinglish (2012) #Review

Films are known to portray a part of us, perhaps an alter-ego that we relate to the most. But at times, there are films that reflect the whole of us or a part of society through an individual’s tale, leaving a lot for us to learn in return. One of such impactful film for me is Gauri Shinde’s English Vinglish.


The Voyage from life towards death,
Leaves us mesmerised until the end of time.

Passengers join us at every stage,
Some stay, some get off, some remain.

Time spent doesn’t matter, but who contributed
what during that span certainly does!

Those who leave soon, fill us up with questions,
The ones to stay, provide prolonged solutions.

Accompaniers aren’t essentially fellow travellers,
But sometimes stagnant viruses that love sticking around.

Where can we possibly find the antidote?
Aren’t there many sailing in the same boat?

For most, faith is the key to unlock the doors,
While others still trust their own abilities to pass the same.

The latter call former out as ‘FOOLS!’
But never pay attention to the details.

Rest assured, Messiah himself would
Lead The Voyage of the faithful!

Full of spirit, glory and grace!