Correlation: Fiction And Reality

I have always been fascinated towards art. Mainly music, films and storytelling. Lately, for some odd reason, also biographies of those who’re actually striving to make a difference in the world and being able to accomplish little of what they’ve set out to do. But one common thing I’ve noticed amongst each of them is, they love breaking away from the reality. 

I, for one, have been heavily influenced by films over a period of time. Having spent most of my time alone as a child helped me discover new interests and form a creative arena for myself. As time passed by, I would play Sherlock Holmes or Vito Corleone to myself. These utter tales of fiction covered up the void of having no real friends as a child. My perception of the world broadened when I hopped from Cappola to Hitchcock and from Spielberg and Lucas to Kurosawa and Bergman. Sometimes, Hayao Miyazaki would come to restore my innocence and rescue me from my snobbishness. These factors helped me cope with the ever growing world.

The question still remains unanswered in the pattern of ‘What came first: Chicken or Egg?’. Similarly, nobody will ever be able to decipher that does the reality help form fiction or is it vice-versa? As for me, I’ll stick to latter, for that’s what I was exposed to first in my life. Similarly, reading about someone like Elon Musk can really give you a glimpse of how powerful a fragment of someone else’s imagination helps another lead humanity to the outer-space.

I firmly believe that art helps to open the intellectual corridors and allows us to imagine the impossible in the world. It allows us to break the barriers of reality and set ourselves on the path to explore a whole new world for ourselves as if it’s our own jigsaw puzzle. My highest respects go to writers/ creators like J.R.R Tolkien, George Lucas and Hayao Miyazaki who entirely detached themselves from reality and created a whole new universe from their imagination. While this is just one part of it, on the other side of the coin, we have writers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ian Fleming, Satyajit Ray and P.L. Deshpande who created fictional characters and stories inspired from their life experiences that remain relevant until this day.

Although experience is said to be a greater teacher, I believe learning from someone else’s perception (be it a fictional character) helps us grow better, as it’s earning brownie points at someone else’s expense.


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