What worth is living inside a cage?
A cage of human flesh and bones
Pretending to find answers to the universe.

While straying away from the path of God
Dissecting the truth, bit by bit
While every effort turns out futile.

This futility that occurs as a delusion
Of intelligence, neither allows us to believe
The truth, nor does it let us reach a rational conclusion.

For who would help us derive,
The purpose of our objective
And not allow us to stray from our path?

Who possesses the power-
To imbibe faith in us and
Help attain intellect as of the supreme?

No amount of arguments
Ever led us to peace and
None, satisfied our sense of victory.

What else could we missing out
In the universe despite living under
The delusion of knowing it all?

No amount of nerdy books would
Be able to satisfy the evergrowing
Hunger to attain knowledge with serenity.

Autonomy could bring authority,
Though nothing else, but the grace of God
Could help us seek tranquillity.

What else, but ‘His’ path alone
Could help us escape the deadly sins?
For our soul would its body soon.

So why not utilise even a spare moment
To remember him and help make
This anatomy of flesh and bones worth breathing!


Black (2005) #Review

Being a cinephile myself, I’ve often resonated with the protagonists of films more than the people in real world. If the stories are narrated efficiently, they sure have the ability to evoke the deepest of your emotions. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black (2005), starring Rani Mukherji and Amitabh Bachchan is one of such impactful films in the history of Indian Cinema.

The film is about a girl who lost her eyesight and hearing at around two years of age, trying to cope with her life with the help of her Teacher. Inspired by the life of Hellen Keller, Bhansali pretty much metaphorized the whole film and deciphered layers and layers of human insecurities it.

Short Story: Niyati

I’m someone who doesn’t travel much, but as and when I get a chance, I make sure I talk to new people. I don’t personally ‘love’ socialising, but I like knowing stories of people if something about them catches my attention.

My idea of wanderlust had been seeing the world through someone else’s eye. For instance, watching a film or reading a long-short story- that is how I would form an opinion about the world until I encountered with Niyati at a medical centre. (more…)