Short Story: Wat-Er! Day

At that moment, he knew that he wasn’t going to survive. He was drowning in the ocean, he had sunk too far and low under the water. The only thing that his eyes were able to see was the dying light of the Sun, through the opaque layer of salt water. In the meanwhile, the coral landmine erupted with water-volcanoes, blinding his vision once and for all.



‘No’ or Know

Pay close attention and
You shall know the truth.

No amount of judgements,
Ever help achieve the fruits.

The one who heeds the signs,
Will lead on to righteousness.

Your queue is of your own,
He‘ alone will embrace you and bless.

Drift away from him and tricksters
Shall push you into the pit of agony.

Accept his grace and ‘Him‘ alone
To be elevated from bonds of the world.

The truth exists, but only
If you accept it with love.

It’s up to you to say ‘No’
Or to actually know.