#Bookmark: The Third World War

Book: The Third World War
Author: Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi
Publishing Year: 2006
About: An extensive and a comparative study of the world’s history in relation to today’s scenario, which may lead to what the title says.

TWW Book

The Third World War is a concept, which is contemplated around the world on several levels. Most of the political experts, military analysts and conspiracy theorists have expressed their opinions on the international political events and their consequences. However, a layman will never be able to guess the intensity and impact of those consequences in the near future. This book, written by Dr. Aniruddha Joshi (M.D Medicine) in the year 2006, tells us about the possible occurrences of certain events across the globe, which will result in this catastrophe called the Third World War.

What caught my attention here, is Dr. Joshi’s application of his observations to form a valid perspective, based on his extensive study of this field. The canvas on which Dr. Joshi painted this picture seems to be as vast as the universe itself. He has connected the dots of the events from the WW-I and WW-II with the events from the very recent past.

This book clarifies the very concept that ‘History Repeats Itself

One of the key elements of this book is, that it tells the reader everything (s)he ought to know about the subject without depicting too much complexity of the details of each event. I have personally bifurcated this book into three parts here:

Study of the Past: Dr. Joshi has touched almost every major event from the last two wars- right from what element triggered whose resentment, and pushed them to the extent of starting a world war. Each and every detail of these events has been mentioned precisely, which links the reader to the current affairs and explains their correlation.

The Cause and Effect Principle: Relating the study of current affairs with the events from the past, Dr. Joshi has explained how one action may result in a tremendous repercussion. The introduction of this book clearly states,

In the coming times, the equation of today might not be valid tomorrow and what was valid at seven in the morning, might be flung right of the window after its purpose is served, at five minutes past seven.

However, it also states that out of 100 events that are happening every day, there is only a figurative mention of 10 events in this book, but all of those have certainly been part of the study undertaken. I believe that out of the infinite things that Dr. Joshi is aware of, he has tried to share the outline of each and every event, which he considers important in relevance to this catastrophe.

The Relevance of Theories and Equipment Upgrades: The second half of this book might fancy a population of readers or perhaps not, as it draws the readers’ attention to the theories by Nostradamus, which seem to fit the context of this subject’s study. As a concluding part, this book also talks about the style of tactics, upgraded arsenal and equipment, which can be possibly used to fight this war.

This book draws an outline and lays a blueprint of this very reality, soon to cause a major turmoil across the world.

This book is available on Amazon.in or Amazon.com



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