Anecdotes, Stories and Anecdotal Stories

Ever since I developed an interest in reading (relatively later in life), I have been exploring the world somewhat differently. The kind of work that pulled me towards it was the stories, stories of people, some funny anecdotes, an anecdote about a story and so on.

Although my father bought me comics and books that kids my age would read, neither I nor my parents could firmly say that I was really a reader. I also remember issuing Harry Potter books from the school library and let it occupy a humongous space in my school bag to cope with the fad amongst teenagers. I may not have read most of the books my father bought for me, but I would patiently sit and listen to the (mythological) stories or anecdotes, the older people in my house had to tell.

My former introduction to story-listening had been through the epic of Ramayana and the likes. The comics by Amar Chitra Katha must have filled a whole corner in my cupboard. Being born and brought up in a traditional and fairly spiritual Maharashtrian household has some perks such as witnessing the cheerful bustle around in the house on festive ocassions, getting to taste good food and another important part was, knowing the importance behind every ritual being performed in the house.

Perhaps, most of the days would pass as the least eventful days, but days like these would cover up for the dull times. The importance behind these rituals were no grave instructions, but beautiful anecdotes from the mythology. Every year, during the time of Ganesh Chaturthi, either my Aai or Ajji would tell me the story of Lord Shiva, Parvati and Ganesha, in the week of Holi, it would be the story of Pralhad and Hiranyakashyapu and the victory of Lord Sri Rama during Dussehra.

These tales of a certain significance taught me some important life lessons as a child. As time passed, the tide of neo-generation pulled me away from understanding their grace. However, the plot twists in those tales worked the same way in my life too and the tides of time left me off, back to the shore.

To this day, my interest in reading short-stories and anecdotal episode has increased trememdously and I have read some selected short story compilations of popular authors from across the globe, but whenever I read the tales from mythology, a merrier sense of nostalgia kicks in and reminds me that nothing else but these anecdotal tales have always taught me to explore the world differently and will always do.

Well, there went my anecdote about anecdotal stories!


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