Reading Mythological Tales For Recreation

I belong to a traditional Maharashtrian household, upbrought in a spiritual environment- where I was taught the significance of praying to God through the tales that were narrated to me. The story which has been the closest to my heart is Ramayana.

Of course, I did not really begin reading at an early age, but I developed an interest in them as those were the tales primarily narrated to me. Moreover, the books I was exposed to involved the stories of Kings, God and the nature of His incarnations. Over the years, these tales unfurled various facets of the character, the mystery behind the plot and also the Leela (God’s Divine Play). These stories contain profound messages and the most important life lessons, which are simultaneously applicable spiritually as well as to attain the worldly goals as per Dharma (Path of righteousness).

A still from Ramayana- The Legend of Prince Rama (1992)

The solution to every problem can be obtained from these tales, and since they are not difficult to understand, people from all age groups can read, discuss and draw inferences as per their understanding. They can boost an individual’s analytical skills and intellect. The stories allow us to identify cause and effect amidst the war between the good and the evil and aptly distinguish between the two.

Reading mythological stories also instil positivity in us and guide us in various ways in different walks of life. They also help us elevate onto the Devayan Panth (Divine Path) and introduce ourselves to the glory of Bhaktimarga. My Sadguru, Shree Aniruddha Bapu says that Bhaktimarga is the simplest way to transcend in life- get ourselves tide over in times of peril. Reading and narrating the stories of God is one of the many ways to prosper in life, and I am grateful that I could read, comprehend and assimilate these stories, which have taught me to aptly distinguish the right from wrong!


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