नकळत होई जन्म सुखाचा

आपण सारे श्रद्धावान अत्यंत प्रेमाने जमेल तसं व जमेल तितक्या प्रमाणात अगदी मनापासून गुणसंकीर्तन करतो, ऐकतो आणि सद्गुरुतत्वाच्या लीला अनुभवत असतो. ह्या अनुभव अथवा गुणसंकीर्तनाने आपल्या मनातले असंख्य विकल्प जाळले जातात. त्याहूनही महत्वाचे, आपल्या आयुष्यात नाथसंविध कसे कार्यरत असते, तेही अगदी सुस्पष्टपणे कळू लागते.

बरेचदा आपल्या YouTube चॅनेलवर पोस्ट झालेले अनुभव, अथवा, कृपासिंधुतील अनुभव ऐकतांना किंव्हा वाचतांना ‘प्रत्येकाची रांग ह्या सद्गुरू कडे वेगळी’- ह्या तत्वाच्या अनुषंगाने, प्रत्येक अनुभव काहीतरी नवीन शिकवून जातो. अनुभवांतील प्रसंग एकतर जीवघेणा असतो किंव्हा अगदी साधीसुधी अडचण देखील असते, पण मला एक गोष्टीचं मात्र नेहमीच आश्चर्य आणि कौतुक वाटतं, कि बापूंचा ज्याने कोणीही धावा केला, त्याला त्वरित अथवा योग्य वेळी प्रचिती येतेच येते. हे सद्गुरुतत्व बरेचदा क्षणाचाही विलंब न लावता उपाय धाडतं, किंव्हा ‘त्या’ च्या अस्तित्वाची फक्त जाणीव ठेवल्यानेही संकट टळतात, किंव्हा अवघड कार्यही सोपे वाटू लागते.


Reading Mythological Tales For Recreation

I belong to a traditional Maharashtrian household, upbrought in a spiritual environment- where I was taught the significance of praying to God through the tales that were narrated to me. The story which has been the closest to my heart is Ramayana.

Of course, I did not really begin reading at an early age, but I developed an interest in them as those were the tales primarily narrated to me. Moreover, the books I was exposed to involved the stories of Kings, God and the nature of His incarnations. Over the years, these tales unfurled various facets of the character, the mystery behind the plot and also the Leela (God’s Divine Play). These stories contain profound messages and the most important life lessons, which are simultaneously applicable spiritually as well as to attain the worldly goals as per Dharma (Path of righteousness).

A still from Ramayana- The Legend of Prince Rama (1992)

The solution to every problem can be obtained from these tales, and since they are not difficult to understand, people from all age groups can read, discuss and draw inferences as per their understanding. They can boost an individual’s analytical skills and intellect. The stories allow us to identify cause and effect amidst the war between the good and the evil and aptly distinguish between the two.

Reading mythological stories also instil positivity in us and guide us in various ways in different walks of life. They also help us elevate onto the Devayan Panth (Divine Path) and introduce ourselves to the glory of Bhaktimarga. My Sadguru, Shree Aniruddha Bapu says that Bhaktimarga is the simplest way to transcend in life- get ourselves tide over in times of peril. Reading and narrating the stories of God is one of the many ways to prosper in life, and I am grateful that I could read, comprehend and assimilate these stories, which have taught me to aptly distinguish the right from wrong!

Bapu’s Discourse On Consciousness

My Sadguru, Shree Aniruddha Bapu delivered a discourse on Consciousness. The videos of it have been uploaded in 6 parts- each of those videos is a stand-alone clip. However, it unveils the function of consciousness in stages. In Part-I, Bapu explained the role of consciousness in amoeba; how it allows the unicellular creature to utilise its pseudopodia and consume the apt substance for its survival, and rejects the harmful substances.

This consciousness is as much active in human beings as it is in an amoeba. However, humans, who are the supreme most creatures among the 84 lakh species on this earth, have the greatest opportunity of utilising their conscience righteously and elevating themselves up through and through, in terms of intellect, mind and even physically.

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha


Perfectly Imperfect- The Speech That Is Bound To Transform Our Lives

I saw this video on YouTube- a speech by Muniba Mazari, a Pakistani artist and activist. All of the inspiring real-life stories of people I had known and learned until now, this speech, her story stands superior to each of them in all aspects. For me, this story is not only inspiring because she overcame her fears and rose above her perils, but it is even more inspiring because she chose not to give up and held onto the steadfast faith she had in God. As her tale unfurls, minute by minute, it takes us through a vast tunnel of darkness only to show us the way to the lights shining as bright as the Sun.

My mentor and Sadguru, Shree Aniruddha Bapu frequently emphasises the approach and ways Mazari has mentioned in her speech and also on the fact that no matter how dark the times are in your life, they only signify that soon, your life is going to be filled with Sunshine- all you need to have is Faith and Forbearance.


This video starts on a grievous note, only to teach us a lesson amongst many others that “Start wherever you are, with whatever you have, make something out of it and never be satisfied.”

Moreover, this speech truly has the power to transform the lives of each of us.

The Everlasting Legacy Of Adyapipada

One fine day, while browsing through an extensive collection of Krupasindhu Magazines, which were part of my mother’s study material for the Panchasheel exam, I stumbled upon a rare gem of an issue- the Adyapipada Visheshank (special issue) from September 2007.

This Visheshank is a biographical anthology of Shri Sureshchandra Dattopadhye (Kaka), a firm devout of Sadguru Shree Sainath. The magazine gives us an insight into his Bhaktipoorna journey. A quest that started with Kaka’s keen desire to meet his Sadguru in physical form, lead him through and through to the Pipilika Panth– the paramount of the Devayan Panth (divine path).

Kaka’s journey is hugely inspirational to each of us, who aspires to walk the Devayan Panth as per the guidance of our Sadguru. The life of Adyapipada and his set of ideals, prove faithful to the T of the term ‘Role Model’ to all of us. 


एक महत्वाकांक्षी झेप!

 माझ्या सद्गुरूंनी ‘एक होता कार्व्हर’, हे George W. Carver ह्यांच्या आत्मचरित्रावर आधारित पुस्तक वाचण्यास सुचवले आहे. आजवर मी अनेक जेष्ठ व श्रेष्ठ व्यक्तींचे आत्मचरित्र वाचले , परंतु हे व्यक्तिमत्व काही आगळेच वाटले. कार्व्हर ह्यांचा जीवन प्रवास आत्मप्रेरित करणारा  असा आहे. प्रत्येक मनुष्यास अगदी त्याच्या बालपणापासूनच कदाचित शुन्यापासून सुरुवात करावी लागत-नसेल- ह्याचा अर्थ, त्या बालकाच्या कळण्याअगोदरच त्याच्या घरच्या परिस्थिती अनुसार त्याचे जीवन आपोआप घडत जाते. त्याच बरोबर ज्या व्यक्तींचा जन्म सधन व संपन्न कुटुंबात झाला आहे, अश्या व्यक्तीस जीवनात काहीही मिळवायला- पोटापाण्याची सोयकरण्या पासून सामाजिक स्तरावर मान-सन्मान मिळवायला कष्ट असले तरीही तेही फार कमी करावे लागते व आपापल्या आवडी निवडी नुसार त्या त्या क्षेत्रात स्वतःचे उद्दिष्ट साध्य करण्या पुरते  प्रयास करावे लागत असतील. मात्र कार्व्हर ह्यांच्या बाबतीत म्हणाल तर बहुतौन्श गोष्टींबाबतची सुरवात अगदी शून्यापासूनच झाली. 


तुझीच पिपासा जीवनी असणे…!

पिपासा ३ चे प्रकाशन झाल्यापासून जीवनात चैतन्य नव्याने शिरले आहे. मला माझे बालपणीचे दिवस अजूनही आठवतात, जेव्हा मी शाळेत जाण्यासाठी निघण्या अगोदर- आम्ही [मी व माझे आई-बाबा] नित्यपणे त्या वेळेचे अभंग अगदी सकाळ-सकाळी लावायचो. म्हणजे अगदी सकाळी मला झोपेतून जाग यायची ती फक्त ऐलतिरी आणी पिपासाच्या अभंगानीच! आमच्या घरी तर रेडिओ व पिक्चरच्या गाण्यांऐवजी, फक्त हीच अनिरुद्ध अभंग लागायची.