The Godfather: An Epitome of Prestige & Elegance

I remember the first time I was really pressured into doing something by my peers was watching good films, exploring cinema rather. They also insisted on reading books back then but watching cinema was a lot easier than reading a nearly 500-pages-long book.

The teenage drew most of us to the mafia culture real quick, which is fairly based on only one principle- show no mercy. The initial films I saw involved a lot of action between the cops and the gangsters, including a cold war between the good cops and the bad cops. This seemed really fun. I watched a 6 to 10 hours long marathon of such films and emerge from my den, unshaken.

However, this one film I watched in my teens has been on the top of my list of favourites. It’s Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather (1972).




Short Story: Niyati

I’m someone who doesn’t travel much, but as and when I get a chance, I make sure I talk to new people. I don’t personally ‘love’ socialising, but I like knowing stories of people if something about them catches my attention.

My idea of wanderlust had been seeing the world through someone else’s eye. For instance, watching a film or reading a long-short story- that is how I would form an opinion about the world until I encountered with Niyati at a medical centre. (more…)

#FakeMax: Recovered Ex-Patient Visits Psychiatrist To Give Him Therapy Sessions

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to the real world is purely co-incidental.

Gaaiyatri Prudhaan (38) went back to her psychiatrist, Dr. Shawshank Aptey (59) to give him therapy sessions. Dr. Aptey, who had treated Gaaiyatri 5 years ago to pull her out of anxiety, was found going through a severe existential crisis himself.