DSOM: Aftermath Thoughts

This particular album is nothing less than a spiritual experience in itself. Every time I listen to it, I explore something new either in it or myself. A 44 minute long piece that comprises the usual seeming yet, most important stages and vices of human nature. Every sound, pause, and section of each and every track on this album is perfectly positioned to connect in context and revolve around the concept tactically. I have never felt so complete and fulfilled in life before. (more…)


‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ And Its Pleasant Melancholy- Part III


  1. Money– Money, the first track off the album’s second half that talks about greed, conflict and lunacy. This track talks about the basic desires of any common person wanting to grow in life and their will to cross every possible boundary to get their hands on what they want. Oh well, which is of course, money!

‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ And Its Pleasant Melancholy- Part I

It’s been several weeks since I’ve gotten submerged and been devotedly listening to Pink Floyd’s record from year 1973- The Dark Side of the Moon. Well, this certainly wasn’t the first time that I heard the album, it’s more like a re-exploring phase.

Pink Floyd’s way of writing and conceptualization has always been out of the world, and with an album like The Dark Side of the Moon, they not only changed the perspective of musicians, but also made a massive impact on lives of people outside the music industry. (more…)