ठाव कुणाचा?

बोलाविसी तू मला तुझ्या जवळी,
माझ्याकडे नाही तुला देण्यासाठी फुटकी कवळी.

मी जरी विसरलो तुझे अनंत उपकार,
तू येतोस वाहिला माझ्या जाळ्याचे भार.

तुझे हे अनिरुद्ध ऋण फिटता फिटत नाही,
तरीहि माझा नरजन्म सार्थक करण्याची देतोस तू ग्वाही.

कष्टात माझ्या मूळ सहभागी होऊनि,
यश मिळवून देऊन सुद्धा गुप्त राहशी तू सर्वांसमोरी.

जगा दाखविसी ते फक्त माझे नाव,
कुणाहि ना कळू देता स्वतःचे ठाव!



रांगेत उभे राहणे हे भाग्याचे लक्षण,
प्रत्येकाची रांग वेगळी, हेच त्याचे विलक्षण.

ह्या रांगेत रांगणाऱ्या प्रत्येक मानवाला
रणांगणावरच्या युद्धाचा रंग पटवून देणारा.

प्रारब्धाशी लढवून त्याच्या वर मात करणाऱ्या
इच्छुक वारीकरांना वारकरी बनविणारा,

अनंतापसून अनंतापर्यंत पोहोचणारा,
मृत्युलोकात ही भर्गलोक अनुभवण्याची सोय करणाराा.

अनिरुद्ध वेगाने प्रकाशाच्या माध्यमातून चैतन्य पसरविणारा,
तो अनिरुद्ध- एकमेव, अद्वितीय!

ही रांग आपल्या कुणाची ही नसून,
फक्त त्याची व त्याच्यासाठीच.

वाटेच्या प्रत्येक थांबवर त्याचा एक इशारा
आपला प्रवास सार्थक बनवते.

त्याला भेटण्याचा आनंद त्या रांगेच्या टप्प्यावर
ओसंडून वाहू लागतो.

ही रांग आहे ती संपूर्णपणे जगावेगळी,
ह्या रांगेचे शेवट, कुणाचं ठाऊक नाही इतुके आगळे.

आणि म्हणूनच..

रांगेत उभे राहणे हे भाग्याचे लक्षण,
प्रत्येकाची रांग वेगळी, हेच त्याचे विलक्षण.

वाळूतील हात

वाळू आणि समुद्राच्या लाटांचे नाते ते असे,
वाळू हि किती भिझते, आणि किती तशीच राहते?

भीजलेले कण न विरघळता,
मूर्तिकाराच्या मूर्तीचा आकार घेतात.
इतर भिजण्याची अशीच उत्सुकतेने प्रतीक्षा करतात

तसेच जे आहे ते-

तुझ्या कृपेचे हाथ तेवढ्याच प्रांजळतेने
व अनिरुद्ध वेगाने,माझ्या जीवनाच्या प्रत्येक वळणावर
कलाटणी देऊन माझ्या आयुष्याच्या मूर्तीला आकार देत आहेत.

माझ्या श्रद्धेचे बिखरलेले वाळूचे कण
ह्या प्रेमसागराशी जुळून, तुझ्या सौम्य
हातांनी आकार घेत आहेत.

ह्या पाषाणाची मूर्तीत रूपांतर करण्याचे
कार्य आता फक्त तुझे आणि तुझेच


‘No’ or Know

Pay close attention and
You shall know the truth.

No amount of judgements,
Ever help achieve the fruits.

The one who heeds the signs,
Will lead on to righteousness.

Your queue is of your own,
He‘ alone will embrace you and bless.

Drift away from him and tricksters
Shall push you into the pit of agony.

Accept his grace and ‘Him‘ alone
To be elevated from bonds of the world.

The truth exists, but only
If you accept it with love.

It’s up to you to say ‘No’
Or to actually know.

The Noble

What we choose to neglect,
Is what finds us back again.

Walking on the path –
Based on the noble’s foresight,
We may save the regret of our hindsight.

For what do we know is to come?
Would it be the calm only before the storm,
To wipe us off with a wild hurricane?

The noble created a separate path for us,
A land amidst seas of Molten Lava.

He promised to never forsake us,
Why not take the chance and listen to him,
Rather than regret later?

He’s known to be the noblest of the nobles,
How could anyone choose to ignore his words
And instead of healthy intellect, invest in swords?

Nobody knows what he can see,
But all they know is, without him
The world can never be!

The earth pays her humble obeisance,
And wild winds calm down before him.

Some call him The Noble and some God,
But humble as he is, he says-
“But, I’m just as human as you all!”


What worth is living inside a cage?
A cage of human flesh and bones
Pretending to find answers to the universe.

While straying away from the path of God
Dissecting the truth, bit by bit
While every effort turns out futile.

This futility that occurs as a delusion
Of intelligence, neither allows us to believe
The truth, nor does it let us reach a rational conclusion.

For who would help us derive,
The purpose of our objective
And not allow us to stray from our path?

Who possesses the power-
To imbibe faith in us and
Help attain intellect as of the supreme?

No amount of arguments
Ever led us to peace and
None, satisfied our sense of victory.

What else could we missing out
In the universe despite living under
The delusion of knowing it all?

No amount of nerdy books would
Be able to satisfy the evergrowing
Hunger to attain knowledge with serenity.

Autonomy could bring authority,
Though nothing else, but the grace of God
Could help us seek tranquillity.

What else, but ‘His’ path alone
Could help us escape the deadly sins?
For our soul would its body soon.

So why not utilise even a spare moment
To remember him and help make
This anatomy of flesh and bones worth breathing!


The Voyage from life towards death,
Leaves us mesmerised until the end of time.

Passengers join us at every stage,
Some stay, some get off, some remain.

Time spent doesn’t matter, but who contributed
what during that span certainly does!

Those who leave soon, fill us up with questions,
The ones to stay, provide prolonged solutions.

Accompaniers aren’t essentially fellow travellers,
But sometimes stagnant viruses that love sticking around.

Where can we possibly find the antidote?
Aren’t there many sailing in the same boat?

For most, faith is the key to unlock the doors,
While others still trust their own abilities to pass the same.

The latter call former out as ‘FOOLS!’
But never pay attention to the details.

Rest assured, Messiah himself would
Lead The Voyage of the faithful!

Full of spirit, glory and grace!