The Noble

What we choose to neglect,
Is what finds us back again.

Walking on the path –
Based on the noble’s foresight,
We may save the regret of our hindsight.

For what do we know is to come?
Would it be the calm only before the storm,
To wipe us off with a wild hurricane?

The noble created a separate path for us,
A land amidst seas of Molten Lava.

He promised to never forsake us,
Why not take the chance and listen to him,
Rather than regret later?

He’s known to be the noblest of the nobles,
How could anyone choose to ignore his words
And instead of healthy intellect, invest in swords?

Nobody knows what he can see,
But all they know is, without him
The world can never be!

The earth pays her humble obeisance,
And wild winds calm down before him.

Some call him The Noble and some God,
But humble as he is, he says-
“But, I’m just as human as you all!”



Across a tall stack of files, he’s been sitting
Glued to his chair masking his distress.

Targets to achieve in that deadline for which,
he’d decide to keep his life on the line.

He’d work so hard for God knows what!
And wished he knew a lovely mistress.

He’d warm the seat through the day,
Helpless, unable to escape from his cabin.

Incarcerated for twelve hours a day,
Weekends seemed to be the end of his life.

Just one more case to go,” he’d think,
Just before his boss would send
another tower of files on his table.

Being in that position was indeed,
full of prestige and power.

Although, Man had not noticed,
He’d forgotten to take shower.

The scheme to work productively,
Was nothing but just a scam.

It was said that his big brains paid him well,
Little did they know his big head wasn’t nice.
It was a head full of lice!

People bowed to him,
But even better with their backs at him.

He only knew not to slack,
But never the smart working hack!

Of Nerds and Shepherds

What does the future hold for us?
Will we be machines or men?

Pumping ourselves full of information
Regardless of its relevance.

As the times change,
I hope humanity remains.

Will we be a flock of sheep,
Led by robots as shepherds?

Or consuming electronic chips
Only to be deluded by the wealthiest of nerds?

“We the people! We the people!”
Bleating on the streets like Sheeple.

Summoning for the gruesome torture,
By uniformed soldiers of the administrator.

The present isn’t any peaceful either,
But how efficiently will we survive the future?

Do You Read?

“Do you read?”
A question most people ask.

So, “Do you read?”
And understand the thoughts
Your close ones have incarcerated?

“Do you read?”
To find out if that smile is real or fake?

The emotions they’ve been masking
For all this long, so you could shine.

“Do you read?”
So you know what they
want you to see.

“Do you read?”
So you know where
you can really be.

The sacrifices people made,
So you could have the luxury.

“Do you read?”
The regrets buried
underneath their pride?

“Do you read?”
Their despair that
now no longer can be repaired?

Read through their eyes as they behold
Their world burn so they can light yours.

The Escapist

Real world is such a pain.

Hardly any good times, not much to gain

We wake up, work and work for decades

Only to rest while we are on our death-beds.

Argh! What a boring life, absolutely no fun around.

It’s such a pity that most people just go round and round.

“But then, what the could the solution be?

What makes you think your life is healthy?”

I’m an escapist, I live in no real world.

I live in a place where the mountains are tall, and the grass green.

The forest has its spirit, and trees enshrine.

The river is sacred, and ponds full of merry.

The birds chirp out loud, and the light shines bright.

I’m an escapist, I live in no real world.

It’s just my flesh here, while my soul remains on the happier earth.


Hiding in the sewer
Known by the fewer.

They gather under ground in clusters
To serve their own masters.

Masters, who feed intellectual garbage
And breed on destruction of the sacred heritage.

Spreading the virus of hate
By lurking around setting up mindful bait.

To cause extreme chaos and bane
And let the blood flow in vain.

While the defenders lay on ground
With their eyes open for countless nights.

Dwellers of scum glorify themselves
By mindlessly killing them in all might.

Limitless goons causing mindless doom
Must soon be wiped.

Show them no mercy for none of
These pests shall ever survive.

Doodle Dream [CHON-Soon]

Monsoon has arrived,
not that great for urban life.

While the kids out
on the streets scream.

I’m here in my room,
listening to Bubble Dream.

Such an ambient atmosphere,
I enjoy it while no one is here.

Doodling on my Ukulele.

Strumming the strings,
and sliding fingers through the frets.

I now learnt how easy it is,
to play the riffs that
I presumed to be hard.

However, what still remains
a dream, is  playing CHON.

Maybe one of these days
I’ll burst the bubble,
and play one of their riffs