Boulevard Of Apocalypse

As he walked down the aisle,
the corpses filled his eyes
with fear and rage.

He didn’t want to face it,
but had no other choice
than to witness the world collapse.

As the crimson rivers flowed,
through the sewer
into the darkness.

He wondered,
what would’ve happened,
if he was one of the dead too?

He didn’t want to see,
but could not unsee it.
The image in his head lasted forever.

The despicability of humans,
had spared no soul
in those bodies.

They were now just
skeletons covered with
a thin layer of flesh and skin.


What are we really looking for?
The answers are right besides us.

We’re all oblivious to the obvious,
chasing our way towards the horizon.

We feel afraid to communicate,
and don’t really come out of this mind space.

We hope to find purpose,
in the meaninglessness of life.

Our minds are filled with things,
we wish to know, but don’t really need to.

While we want someone to fill the void
in our lives, we forget we’re the void ourselves.

There are infinite possibilities to come out this maze,
yet, choosing one from the infinity is still a struggle.

Our thoughts cannot be controlled,
nor do we know to hide our emotions.

We sway to the beat of the unknown,
and beat ourselves up for not coping up.

Do we really want this lifestyle?
Do we really know what we want?

What is it that drives us to our goals?
Are we all just misfits trying to fit ourselves in?

Or just wandering aimlessly
hoping to find purpose in
the meaninglessness of life?


The water rose
and the sand sunk.

Our feet couldn’t stay fixed
in one place.

We were moving
but so was time.

The skies had lost their glow
and we began to find ours.

The herd was light-years ahead of us
while we still felt stuck in one place.

We walked for eons
and the route felt endless.

The shore sang to us
as we struggled to find our way out.

Our bodies were exhausted
but not our spirits, not yet!

The universe seemed closer
as we lay in the sand.

We gazed at the stars
and they flickered back to us.

We felt enormously connected
to something larger than life.

Larger than the collective existence of humans.

Since then I still wonder-
“Are we part of the universe,
or is the universe a part of us?”


We’re trapped inside the cage,

Cause we’re filled with rage.

There’s no way to escape this shell,

That is making our life even more miserable.

“But it’s just a state of mind”

And we still don’t know what to find.

We mine for hours inside our heads,

Hoping to loose the ends and connect our threads.

We feel trapped inside this cage,

This cage of mind that holds us behind.

Blue Me Way

I awoke today, and realized that you’re gone.

The only thing that kept me from falling apart was I could tell you how I felt.

How I felt about life, how I felt about the world, how I felt… about you.

For a while I felt like my world fell apart, for a while I thought my life would never be the same.

It was just another day, but unlike any other.

You went a few miles ahead of the city to get ahead in life.

While here I was, trying to cope with the world and life to feel accepted by you.

It was then, when I experienced the blues and the sadness.

And so I tried my best to escape this cheesy madness.

Hah! The blues. They took over me and I…got blued away.

The Escapist

Real world is such a pain.

Hardly any good times, not much to gain

We wake up, work and work for decades

Only to rest while we are on our death-beds.

Argh! What a boring life, absolutely no fun around.

It’s such a pity that most people just go round and round.

“But then, what the could the solution be?

What makes you think your life is healthy?”

I’m an escapist, I live in no real world.

I live in a place where the mountains are tall, and the grass green.

The forest has its spirit, and trees enshrine.

The river is sacred, and ponds full of merry.

The birds chirp out loud, and the light shines bright.

I’m an escapist, I live in no real world.

It’s just my flesh here, while my soul remains on the happier earth.