Correlation: Fiction And Reality

I have always been fascinated towards art. Mainly music, films and storytelling. Lately, for some odd reason, also biographies of those who’re actually striving to make a difference in the world and being able to accomplish little of what they’ve set out to do. But one common thing I’ve noticed amongst each of them is, they love breaking away from the reality.  Continue reading “Correlation: Fiction And Reality”


Doodle Dream [CHON-Soon]

Monsoon has arrived,
not that great for urban life.

While the kids out
on the streets scream.

I’m here in my room,
listening to Bubble Dream.

Such an ambient atmosphere,
I enjoy it while no one is here.

Doodling on my Ukulele.

Strumming the strings,
and sliding fingers through the frets.

I now learnt how easy it is,
to play the riffs that
I presumed to be hard.

However, what still remains
a dream, is  playing CHON.

Maybe one of these days
I’ll burst the bubble,
and play one of their riffs

Admit Defeat

As the picture
Of world’s end becomes clearer
I sit in my room and
Look outside the window
and wonder
“Can the horizon be caught?”

Know nothing I do
Of what’s to hit hard
Is it a demon
Or just a filthy wild human?

A lie becomes a fact
And a fact becomes a lie
“What sorcery is this?”
“Are we even going to survive?”

Fabrication is so common
You find it everywhere
“It’s what leads to victory”
Oh, you really think so?
That is such a pity

I gazed through the glass window
What I saw was no less
than a slaughterhouse
In an abandoned meadow

Pass through that I must
Inevitable this seems
I don’t even want to face it
But is there another way
From where I can proceed?

I hope fools realize
That they won’t win
Father stands here
He is the one who owns it

No mind misguide
Shall make you succeed
Demons too will bow down
And admit defeat

Very Unintellectual!

In the 21st Century, when machines had taken over everything, technology had become a lifestyle and every human obtained information from nano gadgets just with one click. It led to the rebirth of this planet, as they say. But there was something that was still the same….

Man hadn’t stopped wandering. Aeons ago, he used to wander in search of food, shelter and you know what the drill is, Don’t you? Hah! I thought so. Here, the wandering was within the four walls of the room that consisted a desk, a pen, paper and a Laptop and other usual gadgets.

So unusual huh?

This was in an attempt of presenting the ideas in an artistic manner.

Oh wait, wait…hold on a sec. I know the whole narration so far has been in past tense. Perhaps this is a message from the future or a perspective or maybe you as readers must also know the art of hallucinating sober in order to understand this. ‘Artistic representation of ideas’ as it has been mentioned.

So back to the point…
The wanderers were in search of innovative ideas in order to create something worthy. It could be a product, a thought, a painting. The objective was to create and build something that would make a difference but some of the thinkers wandered inside their head or on the internet for obtaining productive material and lost track of it.

Just like the author of this text who sat in his room for hours, made an attempt to write a story and couldn’t finish it but now the readers gradually know that he couldn’t!

Well, that definitely makes it a story, Doesn’t it?!

Next is What?

Gone are the days,
Countdown has begun.
Is this the end
or just beginning?

The clock ticked
and months passed by.
Another year ends,
In the Blink of an Eye.

Have I found the path yet?
Maybe I’m searching still.
Is this the year,
When I’ll complete the drill?

What is to come?
What would the next be?
Nothing that I know of
What am I to see?

The numbers have changed
But it still feels the same
Wasn’t I just a kid until yesterday?

Maybe I still am, I do not know.
The Relentless Being will
Guide me to the Shore!

Mighty (S)words

Words are weapons
Words are shields
The words express
All that you feel

They lift your ego up high
Smash your sentiments down quick
They make your day
Or put you in a daze

Words change your mind
Words change your way
Words give you the power
That no one else can take

They save you from the doom
They make the crowd move
They light up your faces
Also, earn you respect
of Apprentices

‘Pen is mightier than the Sword’ They say
Honestly, if it weren’t the words
Pen would’ve been nothing
nor would’ve been the (S)word


Festival of Joy,
Festival of Light
Aesthetic Culture
City shines Bright.

Walking down the street
I watch those kids play
Bursting crackers aloud
They laugh across the haze

It’s not just the homes
Or not only the streets
It’s the light that penetrates
through and brings Joy
to the innocent people
living a Dark Life.